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Detailed List of RV Services

We have an large and complete selection of RV parts, accessories, upgrades & services.

Focusing on the Ingersoll, Oxford County and surrounding areas here is a detailed list of many of the items we carry or services KLH-RV provides:

RV Repairs in Ingersoll, RV Parts in Ingersoll

RV Repairs in Oxford County, RV Parts in Oxford County

List of Repair Services which you can get help with by filling out our Service Request Form

  • Reseal RV roof & cleaning, including gutters
  • Roof vent replacement
  • RV refrigerator repair
  • Electric/12 volt power repair, awning repair
  • Setup of torsion and sway control
  • Washing of RV trailers
  • RV toilet repairs
  • Getting rid of mold in trailer
  • RV winterizing in Oxford County
  • RV storage
  • RV window sealing & repairing leaks
  • Repair of spongy floors
  • RV Slide leaks & other issues
  • RV furnace & water heater repair
  • Air conditioner problems, making noise, not cooling, etc
  • RV Water line replacement
  • Pest control/mouse proofing
  • Repair of wind damage

KLH-RV offers far more than just what’s listed above. We have the expertise to tackle any problem, if you don’t see something or even just have a general question, shoot us a message on the contact form or give us a call over on our contact page.