The Blackstone Grill Box attachment turns your Blackstone Tailgater and/or Blackstone Single Burner Rec Stove into a traditional grill anywhere you go. With pre-seasoned cast iron grates you can easily grill your summertime favorites such as burgers, hot dogs, fish, and vegetables. Or, close the lid to lock heat in and observe a constant temperature with the built in thermometer. The feet recess into slots in the base and are held in place with a locking clip to secure the Grill Box to the frame which can be easily removed to lift the Grill Box to access the round burner.??Do more with less effort by adding the Blackstone Grill Box to your Tailgater or Single Burner Rec Stove. (Do not attempt remove the Grill Box while still hot)

**NOTE** Not sold with the Blackstone Tailgater Grill Combo or Blackstone Single Rec Burner. Must purchase separately.