Press, season, and flip, the three step Blackstone formula to a perfectly delicious hamburger. This kit features our Press & Sear Burger Tool, 12” Basting Dome, XL Hamburger Spatula, and 8”x8” Non-Stick Parchment Paper (25 sheets).

The act of smashing your burger is a technique used around the world in the best burger joints. By pressing and searing your burgers you lock in all the flavor, while simultaneously creating that coveted smash burger crust. The Blackstone heavy duty wide Hamburger Spatula is ideal for flipping over those monster burgers and steaks. The parchment paper is perfect for lining your cookware and making smash burgers. This parchment paper is safe up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, its grease and moisture-resistant nature makes it great for cooking fish and roasting vegetables.