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Collapsible Silicone Basting Dome

Blackstone knows the best foods aren’t the same without basting but traditional basting covers are bulky to store. Now you can take the Blackstone Adventure Ready Collapsible Basting Cover with you anywhere, thanks to fold-flat technology. This basting cover does more than just keep your food moist, it also prevents grease splattering and can be flipped upside down to use as a serving bowl so you have less to pack and fewer dishes to wash. The silicone and nylon materials are durable and made with space-saving technology for easy storability. This is one cooking accessory you’ve got to have in your tool kit!



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Additional Details

  • Collapsible design made of Silicone and Nylon so it can travel anywhere you may go
  • Includes a low lying handle so you can move it easily without adding extra height
  • Flip over and use as a serving bowl when finished cooking so you can pack less
  • Helps keep food juicy and moist by effectively trapping heat
  • Effectively melt cheese or steam vegetables
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty