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Blackstone Griddle and Pellet Grill Combo

The ultimate outdoor cooking unit is here: the Blackstone Culinary 22” XL Pellet Combo. This 884 sq. in. Pellet Grill is expertly equipped with a 20 lb. Hopper, a folding front shelf, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The 22-in. Griddle boasts two independently controlled burners is equipped with new Omnivore Griddle Plate Technology for a quicker and more efficient cooking experience. The possibilities are truly endless with the 22-in. Griddle and Pellet Combo.



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Additional Details

  • 22-in. Griddle with 884 Sq. In. Pellet Grill Combo
  • 22-in. Griddle with 2 independently controlled burners and propane storage cabinet
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Folding front shelf
  • 20 lb. Hopper with easy-to-see fill window
  • Roll back hood for easier access
  • 3 stage stowable top rack
  • Includes 2 meat probes
  • Can support up to 4 meat probes